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Returning to the future Published: Sunday, May 13, 2012 12:10 am By: Rafael Ríos, Executive Vice President

space and we are going to be inventing how to make this more effective for some time.

This will be the era of collective leadership. One that is concurrent, collaborative, compassionate, and collective. The idea that the CEO has all the answers and other such notions will become less common. There will be more sharing of responsibility and decision making because of the complexity of problems and the impossibility of one person understanding all the variables.

The article states that as we speak we are redefining the role of the employee. Welcome to the era of the free agent where employment for life ceases to exist.  Better yet welcome to the era of co-creation, innovation and talent optimization. We are witnessing open virtual and globalized organizations where relationships and social business requires us to redefine the notion of employee.  The concept of employee is a social construct rising to majority status only in the last century. Prior to that, most people were independent worker, owners of their own farms or small businesses, and not dependent on a corporation. Today contingent workers are rapidly approaching the majority of all workers and most of us will be a part-time employee, consultant, contractor, or occasional employee at some stage in our life. How do we pay for co-creation or co-ideation when it is more and more unacceptable for a corporation to own our inputs. Why shouldn’t we be our own masters?

We are becoming a workforce of continuous learning merging together knowledge from data, relationships, history, our dreams and life. Accumulating experience, making mistakes, getting information, experimenting are collectively what we call learning.  We learn constantly and tools such as smart phones and tablets means we have devices at our fingertips to facilitate this all the time.  Over the next decades schools will change, and become places where we learn in collective activities, share experiences and try our new ideas.  A very interesting article for reflection.

Finally I want to take a few moments to reflect on the merits of this day. The day we honor our mothers and wifes.  Happy Mother’s Day. God Bless you all.

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