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Leadership as Learning to Change Lives Published: Sunday, September 7, 2008 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel (Coco) Morales

Human beings in general pragmatics on most social and political issues, meaning that they value economic progress, democratic rule-participation, freedom, opportunity, local culture, and security.  Thus, sometimes is very difficult to frame this interesting and paradoxical psychology to conform comprehensive societal vision that would appeal to all of us.  Within this perspective growth become a fundamental need, a desire that stem from a kind of civic virtue, mutualism, reciprocity, deep and intense sense of life, and an urge to fully experience the moment.  This is why some people cannot understand why puertoricans are one of the happiest people in the world, looking always for junctures of enjoyment, satisfaction, meaning, and progress. 

So paraphrasing a distinguished philosopher in talking to puertoricans don’t begin discussing the things in which you   disagree, but stress and keep stressing the thing in which you agree. This is a kind of different approach to constructive leadership that emphasizes that the team, the organization, the community or the society are all striving for the same end, and that differences are those of method and not of purpose.  If this perspective is not crystallized, fragmentation and conflict will emerge and the entire and needed unity of purpose will be lost.  This is what I meant years ago by the Star-Treck Syndrome- people lost and without direction in the institutional system world. 

The question is, what are the foundations that will allow leaders to achieve a solid sense of future direction.  This is all about of what Sullivan and Nomura share in their Laws of Life Time Growth, and I should add the concept of development (the measure of growth is always quantitative).  The challenge of the present is to assure that people get activated for making their future bigger and better than the past.  This kind of environment emerges when: 1) The learning of the people is greater than their experience; 2) The contribution that they make is bigger than their reward; 3) Their execution is greater than their applause; 4) Their gratitude greater than their success; 5) Their enjoyment and enthusiasm is greater than their effort; 6) Their cooperation greater than their status; 7) Their confidence greater than their comfort; 8) Their purpose greater than their riches; 9) Their questions bigger than their answer; 10) Their loves greater than their hates.

If we are able to create a system around this belief structure, the country and its institutions will be making a decision to contribute to the growth and development of all.  We will be able to use what we have learn to change our lives and our reality.  If we master this learnings we are going to be more free to create, to innovate and to make big things happens.  LEADERSHIP AND LEARNING ARE INDISPENSABLE TO EACH OTHER.  The challenge is always one of developing the mind-set and the skill set to achieve extraordinary results.

Leaders, managers and human beings have to learn how to use what they really know for making a difference in their touch.  The action plan ins very easy: 1) Learn, learn and learn, but avoid information overload. 2) Avoid at all times negative filtering or the distortion of bad political games. 3) Listen to positive mindset people.  4) Use green light thinking, allowing good things to influence your behaviors-set. 5) Follow-up important thing or priorities. 6) Accentuate hope and optimism to help everyone win.  7) Provide discipline, focus, goals, structure and support for assuring accountability.

As good puertoricans we can all choose to be lifelong learns.  Let us all explain to our neighbors what we have learned lately. 

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