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Help, They Need Somebody Published: Sunday, August 9, 1998 By: Dr. Manuel Angel Morales

Organizational development and design is a comprehensive process for understanding and improving any and all substantive processes an organization may evolve for performing any tasks and pursuing any objectives. A process for improving and transforming processes, that is what OD has basically been for the last thirty years. The core of organizational development and design lies in the content of organizational operations, what can be called medullar processes. Also, it relates to the profound assessment of the proliferation of ideas and technologies available for organizations as customers. But what can OD do for customers, that no one else can do, lies in the capacity to help customers design, implement, ponder, improve and transform the substantive processes the organizational customer needs in order to fulfill its mission. It is about offering competence and expertise in developing processes that help with processes

This way of thinking acknowledges OD as keeping up with the kind of operational processes that organizations are evolving. Thus, these days OD is actively working with presenting and discussing new organizational processes that are hitting hard organizations of all kinds. These are, among others, the following: A generic process for top-leader-manager development. It is a process for finding, developing, understanding and assessing high-level managers and leaders, including the processes by which they work with each other on behalf of the organization.

Two sets of interrelated processes to establish in what business is the organization immerse and what are other possibilities. It is a task of understanding ongoing and sometimes very rapid changes in the very basic nature of the organizations main business and to explore new possibilities.

The process of digesting new knowledge and technologies. This is a venture of discovering, assessing, installing, and operating with new knowledge and technologies of all kinds for both the core mission and all the support functions.

The process of integrating new ideas about human resources, learning and behavior. It relates to how expertise in human resources learning, behavior, planning, management, and development comes to be understood and effectively utilized by the organization. The process of working with sophisticated diagnostic processes. These aim at understanding the basic nature of the organization, with its opportunities and problems in the environment it lives in. The process of achieving strategic readiness as experiments and learnings driven routes in response to the continuous turbulence in which organizations live in. The process of learning to interpret the manager as a moral agent. This is achieving deep awareness that morals and ethics are involved in everything that happens, whether they are discussed, debated or not.

These are categories within which organizations are trying to do new and different things. And by the way, these are working areas in which organizations need help.


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