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Think Like a Genius Process Published: Sunday, September 5, 1999 By: Dr. Manuel Angel Morales

It was King Salomon who once said that the multitude of the wise is the welfare of the world. Genius is the ability to see through things and see things through. Thus, it takes vision and courage for any company and its employees to experiment with a new method for generating products, services and business development breakthroughs. I am recently working with some customers on testing and driving the think like a genius methodology. The process has three clear - cut objectives: 1) to develop our natural abilities to create, invent, discover, learn and communicate; 2) to act as a catalyst for breakthrough and innovation; 3) to see the factors that really matter in growing an organization`s success and leveraging those factors.

Albert Einstein has instructed that some things that we can count don`t count. And some things we can`t count really count. Genius thinking really counts, although we can neither count it or predict it. No one knows the conditions for stimulating strokes of genius, even though we have the sense of how and when genius unfolds. The think like a genius process transforms an organization`s knowledge, resources, products, services and success in new ways. The purpose is to transport the organization and its human capital to new heights of excellence and performance. Think like a genius process functions as a virtual urban train capable of transporting the imaginations of thousands of minds and brains anywhere they choose to go. The multitude of the wise can use it to get to the land of milk, honey, opportunity and productivity.

This methodology is a universal key that opens minds and removes mental barriers that block creative, feasible solutions. Human resources that engage in such a venture, share knowledge through a simple yet sophisticated model - building activity that stimulates collaborative learning. In synthesis we are referring to a four - step process: (1) Connection make a comparison connecting two or more things; (2) Discovery - explore the connections in depth to generate fresh insights and discoveries; (3) Invention - create or invent something based on the insights and discoveries; (4) Application - apply the invention in innumerables ways and contexts; then do it again endlessly.

We have also work with our own team following this methodology obtaining extraordinary results. The idea is to allow participants to envision a solution in some tangible, direct, and immediate way. Its wide range of visualization and new conceptualization techniques is drawn from the arts, sciences, engineering and technology. Its visual orientation is usable for today`s market and visually oriented society.


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