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Work Roles for Entrepreneurs Published: Sunday, December 5, 1999 By: Dr. Manuel Angel Morales

Leadership is not so much a matter of technology, but of the capacity to create an environment, a set of conditions where people want to do what needs to be done. The future of work will gravitate around entrepreneurs who can build and sustain their success as a result of their ability to provide a specific kind of leadership appropriate for their unique set of circumstances. Leadership is different from management work, and it involves discovering, mobilizing, and evolving the forces that will permanently strengthen the organization and bring it into the future. In order to achieve such a formidable goal people have to work hard and intelligently. Let us explain, as researched, four interrelated leadership and work roles. Strategist and Visionary entrepreneurs configurate the future, whereas Managers and Tacticians focus on delivering their goods and services faster, better and cheaper than any competitor. Quality can be proportionally direct to low costs these days!

Management is a different and necessary activity. Its goal is to produce products and services providing customers with the best possible value. Leaders are primarily concerned with being effective, optimizing or satisfizing the strategic benefits of available resources. Managers are focused on being efficient, getting the highest possible productivity from employees and available resources. Leadership is practiced in many ways depending upon the individual`s outlook and perspective. There is no magic, single recipe or uniform approach that guarantees success. But as it has been instructed by research and experience, true leaders never abandom their sense of purpose, they are respectful to knowledge and wisdom, they build trust and enable people to deliver high superior performance.

The sense of purpose for Managers is borne out of the dynamics and circumstances created by their own work. As their enterprise grows their sense of purpose and responsibility expands. There are not enough hours in the day for a true manager to provide the quality of leadership and commitment that is needed to meet and exceed customer expectations. You know who is a profound manager by the things fellow workers say about him. They will go to whatever length it takes to fulfill their commitments. Their philosophy is to under promise and overdeliver.

Tacticians entrepreneurs derive a sense of purpose from freedom, flexibility and the search for situations where the payoff can be absorbed and enjoyed, and by gravitating toward opportunities where they can add value in a hands-on fashion. One of their skills is to know what to do before others are even aware of what is happening. They find solutions and anticipate problems where others are paralyze with crazy-glue.

The sense of purpose for the Strategists means marshaling available resources and optimizing current performance to gain strength and positioning, providing a solid foundation for the future. This purpose is reflected in their never-ending crusade to arrive at the future before the competition. For them, nothing is ever good enough and everything needs improvement. They will do whatever is necessary to find a way even under the most adverse circumstances. When performance is not up to expectations they express harsh judgments.

Idealist want to be an inspiration for those with whom they work. They are into relationship building. They are natural mentors.

Thus, when you put together the theory of entrepreneurial work five principles have been expressed:

  • Create an environment for attracting, developing and retaining superior performers.
  • Make sure that the climate energizes employees and encourages pride and professional contribution, (3) Learn to work in boundaryless teams.
  • Allow people to enjoy themselves in your presence and understand their realities.
  • Be the best, the only group doing what you do.

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