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The Management of the Divine Published: Sunday, January 21, 2001 By: Dr. Manuel Angel Morales

The Mind as conceptualized by C.S. Lewis and other philosophers is the highest development or achievement in the known universe and can signify our common frontier or an interface with the Divine. Mind is also unique in that it transcends Nature. Nature works by laws, and Mind is endowed with Free Will. In that sense, Mind is above Nature, Super-Nature or Super-Natural.

Lewis expressed Mind as a super-natural element that is present in every rational human being. His point was that rational thought is not part of the system of Nature… In relation to nature, rational thought goes on of its own accord, or exists on its own. In this sense, something beyond nature operates whenever we reason or reflect profoundly. The super-natural element in human beings concern us solely as evidence that something beyond nature exits… The rationality is the tell-tale rift in Nature, which shows there is something beyond or behind Nature, and that human being with their non-cheesy, rational, emotional and heartly intelligence can always discover.

In relation to Nature, the human Mind or thought maintains free will and is thus not controlled by the laws of Nature. It is un-predictable, it is contingent and capable of approaching surprise… It is able to change in midstream of ideas; it is thus maximally creative, inventive and resourceful. In opposition to this features, the law of Nature has certain verifiable characteristics as fixed, regulated and predictable.

The power of Mind and its reasoning is optimally suited by its very essence to be creative, and for this reason is characterized as the common frontier or opening between the Divine and the truly human.

The very fact that human beings are thinking is not merely a natural event, and that therefore something other that Nature exits. Denial of this superb attribute depends on a certain absent-mindedness.

Perception can occasionally be similar to an epiphany or enlightenment, where the lights go on in one`s mind after a long-held bewilderment is relieved or when a creative insight is gained.

The process of moving from a room of shade and confusion, to a room of clear light and mental illumination, can be exhilarating. Confusion is left behind. A sense of knowing and liberation has been achieved. Creative break though is similar to a general ecstasy. With respect to management we would have to decide if we are to design and manage organizations following the laws of nature or attributes of the mind… Take your pick, I have already bet to my Mind.


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