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Do Nothing, Sometimes Good Remedy Published: Sunday, February 4, 2001 By: Dr. Manuel Angel Morales

Creative alternatives flow more easily when they are consistent with your uniqueness and your talents. Please, remember the saying: God created you for tasks that only you can perform.

When considering the alternative of a job change, a person may say: I like this; it feels right for me; I feel I have this special ability; it is intellectually and emotionally compatible. But then there may be undermining and circumstantial arguments: How can I do this? I am already 40 years old. I would need to spend extra money and time for learning and getting familiarized. This circumstantial arguments may be your initial and overwhelming reaction, but it vitally important that you don`t burden yourself with circumstantial negatives. Instead, recognize you may be weakening yourself and causing unnecessary tension by crushing you human gifts.

With this kind of alertness and awareness, use these initial negative thoughts to begin a deeper reflection. The importance of gaining conscience regarding your suitability and human uniqueness is directly related to the capacity or formulation of healthy and constructive action plan. Human beings need to develop a learning foundation for validating the accuracy of their perceptions with respect to reality. If you do not assess the data properly (beside being prompt to error) the alternatives that present themselves, upon which you may later base the development of an action plan, may complicate your life, rather than giving you resolution, relief and peace of mind. One can always read the look of a person that it is not at peace with himself. Human sight is always very much indicative… It establishes the degree of happiness or unhappiness that we carry in our bags.

A constructive suggestion: make notes of your ideas for alternatives. Establish if each of the alternatives scenarios allow you to be authentic. Don`t use your the reflection process as a vulgar excuse to delay or escape commitments and decency by jumping from one alternative to the other being afraid of what to find out or not wanting an answer.

No matter how many alternative scenarios you see before you, you must have the courage and tenacity to follow through with one to successfully resolve problems, tense or conflictive situations.

Let me share with, you, my friendly reader, the beauty of life paradox: On certain occasions, inaction will prove to be the alternative of choice, if that inaction has really been thought out and is based on decision rather than trepidation and indecision. One has to manage the tendency to act in a visceral manner. During the last few months I had the opportunity of practicing with his admonition coming way back from Hipprocrates: "To do nothing is sometimes a good remedy" Try it. It works very well.

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