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A Company With Coolness And A Cause Published: Sunday, March 12, 2000 By: Dr. Manuel Angel Morales

An organization that is a cool place to work, offering both a cause and an adventure will attract the brightest. People grow professionally and intellectually in challenging work environments. If there is a crusade to be achieved, besides a plan and a job, this type of organization will encompass a cultural competitive advantage. This type of organization can be described by an informal, supportive, playful community. Friendship, respect, trust, reciprocity and interpersonal support are part of the puzzle. The environment must promote candor, informality and fun for doing an intensive and complex job.

The more grim and cold the environment, the less attractive it will be for young and key players who know they can get a job anywhere. The work ethic is one of working hard, playing hard, contributing, participating, collaborating and having a sense of humor.

The selection and recruitment philosophy of this kind of company is dominated by curiosity and passion regarding the proposed tasks. Hire energetic, intelligent slightly irreverent people who question, debate and are eager to learn and take the attitude of formulating explanations. The creative organizational culture is characterized by people drawn to iconoclastic environments in which stimulating discussions dominate meetings.

The organization with coolness and a cause provides many opportunities of dialogue, intellectual growth and professional development that arenít available elsewhere. This attribute goes beyond conventional training and development. It is about approaching the most cutting-edge learning and knowledge available. The obligation is to expose people to emerging technologies, to key thinkers, developers, screntist, teachers, minds, ideas and extraordinary futurists projects. By providing this kind of growth and environment the institutional context is set for making exceptional things happen.

But let us comeback to an obsession that we have had for the last fifteen years. It is an organizational imperative to construct a shared crusade. It is about the vision of what the company is all about, what it is trying to do, and it must be inspirational, shared and most important, exceptional and even paradigm-shaking in its potential impact. Organizations and its leaders should not deny their possibilities of greatness, by just hanging there to the status-quo. Great companies and great leaders have a great cause, a purpose in the truest sense of the word. When you inspire by way of a shared crusade, you can cultivate a community of core people to carry it out.

A playful community, recruitment of curiosity and passion, intellectual growth and a shared crusade are all core competencies for the knowledge economy. Those organizations that can structure these conditions will rule. Is your organization preparing for the future?


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