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Methods for Healthy Job Survival Published: Sunday, June 11, 2000 By: Dr. Manuel Angel Morales

In the world of work or the age of high speed management, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring, people need to develop constructive techniques for job survival. This new environment not only places on people the financial drain of being out of work, but the emotional trauma of being out on the street. Managers and professional have to develop some sensitivity to this condition because, sometimes, there are all to many very capable people looking for work. The last decade, in Puerto Rico, has been a good one in terms of work and employment. We all have been the beneficiaries of a "Thank, God" scenario. What are some of the learned lessons?

The good news is that new market or work realities don`t have to be bad for anyone. People can make a difference to improve their competitive situation. There are two old inter-related laws of work: 1. Only the fit shall survive. This is a somewhat problematic statement, because we want to show sensibility, solidarity and support with all those in a more difficult and fragile position. However, when you complement the first law of work with a second one, things become more enlighten. The second law of work is: 2. You can make yourself fit to survive.

True, no one is indispensable. As a very good friend always say, traditional organizations don`t love or hate, they just act… However, the strategy is to become as nearly as indispensable as one can get. So, let us make a quick inventory about some researched organizational methods for healthy job survival.

Take one or more responsibilities, and always look for more work. Broaden your experience, showing interest in learning other types of work. The future points to the multi-skilled and multi-disciplinary worker, and increasing your skills-set is the order of the day. Everyday teach yourself something new and exciting. Improve your people-to-people ability. Enhance your professional image, meaning that you should act and look like you are important to the organization at all times. This is the power of a strong beliefs and behaviors. Display career and work enthusiasms. Be an optimist, always expressing hope, for this is the breakfast of work and job champions. People with this kind of sustained energetic psychology are more likely candidates to stay and contribute to the game of work.

Another key method is that for making special efforts for success on high visibility assignments, developing robust friendships and keeping the communication lines open. Incorporate the good ideas of others and share the credit generously of the success projects. (Though this aspect seems simple, it constitutes a profound difficulty for many managers, supervisors and employees).

Use more initiative and energy on critical jobs and projects that have high customer and profitability impact. Anticipate and consider how to contribute to profound organizational changes. Don`t adopt the losers mentality. Keep improving as compared to your past records. Work with your strengths and manage your weaknesses. Present and document yourself as doing at least a 100%. (The psychology of what is needed is what you will get, and even more). Admit mistakes and be ready to quickly correct them. Have outward confidence in your abilities and self-esteem power.

The empirical or scientific logic is that with increased skills and competencies you become more of an asset to any organization. Self improvement is more that ever a must. To become a key player and a shaker of yourself, develop multiple competencies and varied experience. It is possible for all human beings to start on their success track right now. They have nothing lose. The secret is that of trying commitment for success…


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