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Setting Yourself on Fire Published: Sunday, July 2, 2000 By: Dr. Manuel Angel Morales

Someone once said that success is not the result of spontaneous combustion, instead you must set yourself on fire. The work behaviors to achieve such a high performance condition are the following:

  • Arrive at work early before start time in order to get a clear sense on the daily load.
  • Spend some evenings (and Saturdays and Sundays too) at getting squared away.
  • Coordinate with other people to monitor projects and undertakings of your customer portfolio.
  • Incorporate new techniques and attend industry seminars to be abreast of competitors and other trends.
  • Cross-train your people and develop them as multi-skilled workers, assuring that absenteeism does not affect the workflow.
  • Approach with enthusiasm special and rush tasks and projects.
  • Bear on quality, service, speed and cost effectiveness, in addition to productivity and performance gains.
  • Welcome new assignments and additional responsibilities.

To sum up, be fired up about work, getting more work, learning more skills, trying new things, improving existing skills, copying successful techniques. As we were sharing the other day with a distinguished colleague the hard road to achieve high performance and competitive advantage has not real short-cuts. Thus, move, move and move, knocking out the work exuding and gushing energy and enthusiasm. Do not wait for someone to give you a push…

Light a fire under yourself. Even if there are lots of people with skills, education, more technical know-how, longer experience, your source of competitive advantage is your fuel, energy and passion about your work. Make like work is a challenge, not an obligation. Never, never, never be a lack-luster performer.

A professional, a worker who becomes all fired up about the work situation is immediately going to be well known by his organization and its customers. If you look and act as if you are going to succeed in your work the organization, the customers and the market will give you a wider berth and due recognition.

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