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The Need for a Competitive Mind-Set Published: Sunday, August 13, 2000 By: Dr. Manuel Angel Morales

What is the state of the art on organizational sociology wisdom? Culture is made possible through a critical mass of individuals who think and act in a certain way; individuals, professionals and managers with change, transformation and leadership minds. Only to the extent that people make this personal transformation decision to a leadership and change mind can a company be truly competitive in the years ahead. The minds-sets create the conditions for behaviors, which in turn establish the culture foundation that defines what people feel and how they act with certain degree of sustainability.

Organizational culture should always be at the service of the business strategy, which it signifies the company`s response the world, market and customer situations within which every enterprise must operate. Intelligent individuals with up-dated mind-sets, mature and committed will develop the culture capable of supporting the business objectives of the organization. A similar argument is presented by Stace Lindsay in the Hidden Sources of Growth in the Developing World. In this piece he makes the point that successful, growth-oriented businesses are preconditions for human progress. They are the engines of growth and for human to progress, they must be capable of creating rising standards of living. The interesting message is that you can formulate policies or develop government programs, but at the core is the individual business that is the engine of growth. The challenge for these individuals and their respective enterprises is to leave the society and the economy in a better shape than it was the moment they start to work and struggle a fair formula.

Some strategies are more effective than others and some business are more prone to success than others. They have structured sustainable strategies and have invested in sources of differentiation and competitive advantage. But the key idea is that competitive mental models shape strategy. Good business strategy requires a competitive mind-set as a set of beliefs, attitudes, assumptions and behaviors that govern how people view the market and wealth creation. There are certain mental models that can limit the ability of businesses to succeed. Thus to promote the creation of successful businesses, mental models need to be transformed in order to shape the way people think about risk, trust, competition, authority and other important elements.

A kind of work that we do all the time, along this line of thinking and behaving, is helping organizations and its people to understand which mental models drive the strategic choices that are being made and how they can become the focus of change and transformation. If you do what you have always done, you`ll get what you have always gotten. The art of choosing people is not as nearly as difficult as the art of enabling those ones has chosen to change and attain their worth....


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