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Foundations of Effective Behavior A Bias for Hope Published: Saturday, December 30, 2000 By: Dr. Manuel Angel Morales

We have been researching and applying practical, easy to learn behavioral programs to show people how to use the power of their minds to liberate the talent, intelligence, ability and emotional capability they have locked up inside themselves. The purpose is to contribute to the process by which people can achieve greater success in different areas of their lives. Just recently the distinguished scientist Thomas Finley has profoundly studied and published regarding the essence of personal power in a superb work titled Mental Dynamics.

The core steps to personal power have to do with struggling or combating to know thyself. The idea is to acquire a reasonable accurate self-image by taking a long, close, hard look at your self. Look at your appearance, your educational background, your abilities and performances, your liabilities. Ask yourself, "Would I want to be led by me? If not, why not? How can I improve my weakness? The responsibility is always yours. On the other hand, self confidence is very important, but must be kept within certain bounds, though it is not to become self destructive. We all know people, whom others call supremely self confident, meaning foolhardy or arrogant. Self-confidence must be tempered by judgement, prudence and modesty if it is to be a plus instead of a minus.

Learning to make decisions is fundamental. Dare to say yes or no. Communal living and anarchy don`t work. Somebody will always have to make soundable decisions, signifying the capacity of making reasonable judgements. Decisiveness, sound judgement must be combined with maturity and sensibility.

But performance is always related to the styles of human beings. An effective person gets along well with people. Getting along with people doesn`t mean being very active in a social club, but having humanity in the kind of work you do. In order to achieve such a sparkling condition people, leaders, and professional have to show the value of insight. An individual who truly understands himself has a real head start in understanding others.

Productive living has to do with the capacity to strategize. The quest is for learning how to plan and organize the essence of life: family, school, personal development, community and work ventures.

But the question is if you can really share power, influence and authority, saving a real space for others to contribute and express themselves. After all, leaders are also followers, accepting advice and recommendations. Here, open direct communication is vital for avoiding people to feel caught in an organizational jungle where there is no escape.

People must grow on the job in order to avoid expressions as "you can`t teach an old dog new tricks or my job has no real challenge", which are statements of emotional defeat. One has always to look forward to the future challenges working hard to develop finesse. 

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