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Unbending Committment to a Unified Dream Published: Sunday, April 27, 2003 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

Work is mental, physical, technical, spiritual experience done in a social and emotional setting. The mayor reason why people are sometimes discouraged at work is not physical fatigue, strain, technical inability or lack of skill. The mayor source of stress is social. Job stress means feeling tension around people. When people experience stress around other people, they become discouraged at work. Discouragement is the feeling of being alone and not being included as part of the team or the organization. Is also the result of feeling put down rather than respected and lifted up by others around them.

Every discouraged organizational member takes away from the institution’s total potential and it hurts other organizational members. A winning organization cannot afford even one discouraged member.

Professionals are trained and prepared mentally, physically and technically for work, but they receive no systematic knowledge in understanding and encouraging each other. Teamwork, solidarity, reciprocity and mutuality are social, psychological and communicative aspects of the structure of commitment. Others around us can make our time for better or for worse.

If job stress is basically people stress, job fulfillment is winning by working together, achieving things together with other people. Our highs and lows in the work environment are related to people. Work is as much a social-emotional-motivational experience as it is mental-physical-technical experience.

Every organization that has achieved something extraordinary has done so because of the unbending commitment to a unified dream. This points to a climate of respect for each other and to the shared desire to encourage each member. The best organizations choose to make their moment in time together for the better. The worst organizations are made of individuals who decide to work as isolated islands. They are only concerned about self and only focused on what is wrong with the others. Their time together is for worse.

Most researchers agree that it is important to keep morale high within the organization and that constructive encouragement is the way to achieve that end. Encouragement brings out better, more creative ideas for improvement and change, while increasing the sense of belonging, pride and productivity.

Creating an encouraging environment inside the organization is everyone’s responsibility, at all levels. The benefits of acting in this manner will be enjoyed by everyone at all levels.

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