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Dr. Joseph M. Juran: The Quality Transformation Gentleman Published: Sunday, March 30, 2008 By: Dr. Manuel Ńngel (Coco) Morales

The very, very distinguished engineer, lecturer, professor, manager, executive and author of vital and importants books about quality and competitiveness died a few weeks ago, at an age of 104 years.

Juranís philosophy addresses improvement, change and innovation for any organization as a matter of breakthrough ventures.  He defined breakthrough or frame-breaking as a dynamic, decisive movement to new, higher levels of performance.  His powerful breakthrough sequence involves activities that if carried out properly, will result in improvements and changes in quality, and will eventually produce unprecedented performance that will help the organization launch innovative products and services, and achieve world class competitiveness execution.  Breakthroughs can lead to: 1) attainment of quality leadership; 2) solutions to an excessive number of field problems, and; 3) improvement of the organizations brand, public image and market participation.

This profound pieces of excellent research and interventions stress that there are barriers that affect opportunities for breakthrough change.  They can be resisted by managers who traditionally concentrate on control.  Through control, managers maintain the present levels of performance, protect the status quo, or prevent radical change.  Control activities such as problem solving have a short term focus; they are necessary to hold on gains, but will not lead to quick, visible and dramatic innovations.  Every time, Juran emphasized that breakthrough ventures were necessary to obtain higher levels of competitive execution and innovation in order to exceed customer satisfaction and delight.  His erudite books, such as, Bureaucracy:  A Challenge to Better Management; Managerial Breakthrough; Management of Quality; The Quality Trilogy; Planning for Quality; The Quality Control Handbook; and Juran on Leadership for Quality are great pieces of intellectual and practical work, and they all address the challenge of change and innovation.

According to his profound studies and applications all breakthrough follow the same sequence: 1) Policy making; 2) Setting objectives for breakthrough; 3) Breakthrough in attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and working culture; 4) Use of Pareto principle; 5) Organizing for breakthrough knowledge; 6) Creation of a steering arm and/or team; 7) Creation of a diagnostic arm and/or team; 8) Diagnosis; 9) Breakthrough in cultural patterns; 10) Transition to the new level of execution.

Dr. Joseph Juran formulated a universal triology (quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement) a systematic approach for organizational quality transformation.  He also elaborated on deadly diseases and dreadful diseases or obstacles for any organization, and of the spiral of progress in analytic change.  He instructed that quality improvement projects through all the organization include: 1) Identifying the activities that could meet the organizationís goals of fitness to use; 2) Assigning the activities to the various areas or domains around the spiral; 3) Providing the resources, facilities and tools to conduct those activities; 4) Conducting the assign activities within the different areas or domains; 5) Ensuring that these activities are properly carried out; 6) Integrating all these activities.

One of our favorite works of Juran is A History of Managing Quality: The Evolution, Trends, and Future Directions of Managing Quality (1995) where he pointed to the elements of quality common to all industries, and to all civilizations over the centuries.  This encyclopedic book helps researchers understand new perspectives on how managing quality for competitiveness has evolved; traces worldwide trends in quality; benefits from the experience of empirical research; and discovers predictions for quality and competitiveness direction in the twenty-first century.

For more than 80 years, Juran was one of the main philosophers of the field of quality design and management.  His life was an intensive search for the underlying theories and knowledge blocks common to all managerial activity.

For more than 20 years our QBS team has been working, explaining and applying Juranís concepts on quality management, and breakthrough transformation processes.  The president of our organization is one of the leading experts in Puerto Rico of the Juranís quality philosophy and applications.

Dr. Joseph M. Juran was a splendid and solid man, one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, and a very close figure to our company and to all of our consultants and researchers. 


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