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The Fountain of Youth Published: Sunday, June 15, 2003 By: Eric Cordero

Recently, beauty and youth have strongly caught our attention. Obsession with beauty and for preservation of young and charming looks leads to a multimillionaire worldwide business. However, I have the certainty that those ideas transcend deeply the prevailing superficial conceptions. The essence of youth involves living meaningfully and standing for continuous improvement.

In present times we are discovering our emotional side. Religious and spiritual awakening seems to be a mega trend. In a similar fashion, many authors have conceived the concept of social capital. Science and technology can not teach us the real meaning of life. Youth arises from soul. There are young souls in aged bodies; we can find chronologically young people with passť mind frames. Young people live meaningfully.

In the traditional business world trivial search for meaning seems to be an array of heretic actions. I strongly reject this idea. Agonizing spirits understand that business success and life achievement depend on lack of humanism, image display, stinginess and morbid political games.

Everybody can reach the Fountain of Youth. It is widely known that healthy alimentary habits, exercise, proper sleeping and the use of some cosmetic products help us to keep young. The former statement is strongly valid, nevertheless, focused on the physical dimension only.

Young souls always have dreams. All progress and prosperity begins at least with a dream. To dream is to realize that possibility and hope never end. The idea is to restore those realities in this present age of cynicism. All could be better beyond of the idea of impossibility. When we dream, we begin to conquer the future. All vision is a dream. For this reason visions should include solid ideological basis. Death gains place when we stop dreaming.

Learning becomes a way of life for those who keep a young spirit. We learn daily when we exert curiosity, by learning to learn, learning to do, learning to live together, learning to be. Learn to be involves developing a sense of self identity, discernment and integrity. Learning to live together is strongly indispensable to interact socially. Moreover, the most important learning activity is unavoidably learning to learn. Is the basic skill to perform effectively all the learning activities. When we think there is nothing more to learn, we have begun to fall into the curve of decadence.

The next step for a meaningful life is to motivate ourselves. ®Motivate® has the same etymological root as ®motor®. Motivation begins internally. It is generate energy from the inner self. Motivated people stand and go for great purposes with passion. They commit and share promises. Those people feel the urgency to contribute for the causes they stand for.

In order to keep a young spirit express what you feel and feel what you express. Do it wisely and constructively. Words are so powerful both to heal or to wound. Communication is the fuel for relationships. Communication is to share feelings. When sincere expression ends, life turns off, even if existence lasts.

Another perspective related to a young spirit is freedom exerted with responsibility. Free people are genuine and natural. They celebrate, laugh, cry; they are simply human. Difficulties, superficiality, frivolousness and extreme hurry undermines our freedom. If we want to be free, we should be capable of seeing the world with the simplicity and clearness of a child. It is a biblical principle. Old and moribund spirits lost their freedom for the sake of image. They live chained.

Finally love and be loved. To love is to live. Love is the most excellent gift. If you want to achieve success, you must love what you do, your peers, your clientele, and above all, love God and Human Kingdom. When we love, we live in peace with ourselves. We do not have place to wrath, we live in truth and pursue true justice. Begin to be young now. Never resign to existence. Live!


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