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A Good Reason to Get Up in the Morning Published: Sunday, June 2, 2002 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

 The other day we were giving a seminar to a huge group of family businesses sharing with them that in order to build a business you have to work hard, set goals, raise knowledge and never give up. But we also express to them that all the praise and recognition that a business leader receives, often is due to the fact that he fallows his heart. We constantly try to improve our performance and that of or organizations, increase the range of our abilities and institutional capabilities, but still if you are a truly entrepreneur you have to be real excited the opportunities the next day can offer you and to your organization to deploy further your passion, commitment and energy.

The logic of this game is always learning new things about yourself, the organization, its customer base, the community and the society as well. It is about expressing and showing passion in everything that you do. It is about issues, causes and tasks that move you more. Our passions are the issues we care most deeply about. When we connect our gifts, talents and competencies to our passion we have a clear reason to get up fast and energetic every morning.

What was interesting of the session with these family presidents was the collective realization that we were not alone. The beauty was that the group acknowledged that many of them have been successful because they discovered their passion and followed their heart.

The titanic task is that of recognizing the relationship between head, heart and behavior. At schools and universities, we are often taught to defer to the head in all matters of judgement. But what I have learned as growing older is that the key is to start with your heart. Only when people are in sink with their passions to they use their heads to give shape and substance to their dreams and to transform them into quick, visible and dramatic set of behaviors. By coupling these in a process of self-evaluation and action, passionate people use their greatest strengths and resiliency to achieve their greatest goal.

Following our heart should not entail great danger or fear with respect to those challenges we have in life. Passion lurks inside of all of us. We feel tinges of it now and then. This can also happen when we see a good movie or read a good book that really moves us. Something you observed in the characters of the scenes touches our own passions and bring them out.

But when passion blurs we are all reminded of the power of God inside out hearts. When this occurs, each time is a revelation. Our hearts race, leap and soar… These little windows into our own hearts, these small moments of constructive excitement show us that passion, commitment, learning and improvement are vital to all human beings and to institutions as well.


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