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The Jane Stern Dorado Community Library: Published: Sunday, August 25, 2002 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales, President

In the beautiful north coast of Puerto Rico there is the very attractive town of Dorado and a place called The Jane Stern Dorado Community Library.

Many years ago this library had half the physical space they have today, but when dealing with character, spirit, faith and vision, you run smack into the matter of belief. Why? Because belief is the bedrock, the bottom element of social miracles, as it is in this case. Belief is faith, confidence and trust that you can make a difference, as 19 volunteers back in 1974, with the spirited leadership of Jane R. Stern, committed to making a dream a very action oriented and value-adding reality.

The particular thing with this pretty library is the genuine engagement with serving the community. All the Jane Stern Community Library personnel are committed with education and service to other people, specially the youth and the poor. What can this wonderful place offer? A music room with a fine collection of classical music, reading room, conference room at the service of the community, circulation center with 30,000 books in English and Spanish. Imagine all that knowledge and resources available just for a membership of $5.00 per year. They also have a Puerto Rican Collection with important information regarding the history and culture of theIslandplus magazines, newspapers and popular novels. There is also a computer laboratory with Internet access for research.

I must mention other services that the Jane Stern Community Library offers, like the children’s area with the story hour, teen center, fax, scanning, photocopies, tutoring, art classes for adults and youth, English as a second language classes and even yoga lessons.

There is a core group of people and institutions behind this force, which we can call the angels: Dr. Annette Díaz de Fortuño, President of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of the Library, Mrs. Carmen Teresa Arroyo, Library Administrator and the following Board Members: Benjamin Nelson, Administrative Vice President of the Board and General Manager of Emerson of P.R., Jane R. Stern, Financial Vice President, Jorge L. Martínez, Esq., Secretary and Partner of Goldman, Antonetti & Córdova, Peter Swanson, Treasurer and President of Pepsi Americas, Ramón Ramos, President of Imprenta Ramos, David Galatzan, President of Empresas Galatzan, Emilio Piñero, Esq., Executive VP of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, Fred Findlen, General Manager of Hyatt Dorado Beach and Mr. Elliot Holt III, VP & General Manager of Hill & Knowlton and many others supporters. These are people with good hearts and hot hands, ready to help others connect to make a social difference.

At every time something interesting is going on at the Dorado Community Library, which is a high belief, emotional and intellectual Oasis. Do not take our word for it. Please pass by and see for yourself. A nice start can be the next September 5, 2002 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for “Noches de Galería” where a Puertorrican artist will show his/her master pieces, you can re-encounter with old friends, enjoy art, classical music and hors d’oeuvres.

We will like to highlight the dedicated work of Dr. Annette Díaz de Fortuño and Carmen Teresa Arroyo, which are two powerful women living by their inner and social responsibility truth. Integrity, character, inspiration, belief, and even reverence are key qualities of these two extraordinary women who are part of the healthy institutional foundation of the Jane Stern Library. This vision is proactively assisted by Banco Popular, Hyatt, Dorado Municipal Government and a couple of other organizations and their leaders which constitute a superb cluster of interlaced wills, ideas and social virtues.

What else can we tell our readers for stimulating their visit and help to the library? You may contact them at: The Jane Stern Community Library, Inc., Calle Méndez Vigo #347, Dorado,Puerto Rico, Tel. 787-796-3675; Fax. 787-796-1227; e-mail: jsdcl@coqui.net You may also sent your contribution in order to strengthen this purpose to:P.O. Box 609, Dorado, P.R. 00646. See you there!


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