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Dr. Branton Shearer Guru of MI in Puerto Rico Published: Sunday, February 8, 2009 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel (Coco) Morales

This next February 20, 2009, will be visiting Puerto Rico the great international scholar, researcher, professor and multiple intelligence expert, Dr. Branton Shearer.  He will be lecturing at Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples for the Association of Human Resources Professionals of Cooperatives of Puerto Rico.  The session will be from 9:00am-4:00pm (787-898-4970). On this very special occasion, he will present his research and application experience on Energizing Multiple Intelligences to Maximize Performance.  He is the creator of the Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scale for developing the adequate profiles.  He is the Founder-Chairman of the Multiple Intelligences Special Interest Group for the American Educational Research Association.

Dr. Branton Shearer has developed and integrated model of multiple intelligences, providing a context to understand and respond to the different demands of the workplace, and for helping organizations of all types to identify and tap their real portfolio of intelligences to become more competitive.  His MIDAS instrument provides for considering a more effective hiring and promotion practices, organization and management development, training and educational experiences, performance appraisal management, flexible career pathing and real job design efforts. Dr. Shearer research’s points to various levels at which intelligences exit in humans and shares very concrete methods to inspire the work environment, even at difficult times.

For the first time in Puerto Rico Dr. Shearer will be presenting his total system or approach to multiple intelligences, being very specific and offering concrete methods for identifying, assessing, and developing multiple intelligences, promising a very valuable day for human resources managers, organizational scientists, general managers, and executives, among other people.

Just to give the readers and the audience a bit of a taste of what Dr. Shearer will offering here are a few strategies he put together around the set of multiple intelligences.

• How do you feel about a situation?
• What do you already know?
• What are you goals and expectations?
• How can you best manage and decrease your stress?
• What do you need to do your job the best?
• Remember to monitor your progress and seek out feedback
• How will you know if you have accomplished your objective?
• Engage in the post-mortem review of your projects.

• Acknowledge feelings of people.
• Consider other people’s view points.
• Describe their expectations, needs and desires.
• Identify the strengths and weaknesses of other people involved.
• Describe salient personality characteristics.
• What do people already know about the situation/topic, etc?
• What negotiation strategies will help you deal with a situation?

• Communicate in clearly written prose.
• Use memorable phrases and define unfamiliar terms.
• Use persuasive speech or point-counterpoint debate.
• Take careful notes or use a tape recorder to record important ideas.

Visual –Spatial
• Can you conjure a powerful image in the mind’s eye of people?
• When teaching use demonstration, visualization and sketching.
• Use evocative metaphors, analogies or exaggerated images to communicate.
• Use pictures, videos, Power Point, posters or props to communicate.

• Observe the message of listener’s “body language”.
• Give listeners a stretch-break energizer (after 20+ minutes).
• Can you use encourage participants to use gestures or body movements?
• When thinking through a problem role play or physically enact it.
• Write your notes LARGE or over and over again.

• Incorporate a piece of music while working.
• Instruct with a song lyric/rhyme/haiku that captures your point.
• Modulate your voice quality to engage listener.
• Encourage employees to incorporate music into their work.

• Look for patterns in behavior or recurring problems.
• Wonder aloud how the problem or task nurtures life.
• Is there an animal/plant metaphor appropriate to your project/topic?
• What are the ecological implications of your work?

• Explain a task or procedure step-by-step, in detail.
• Accentuate and highlight the logical progression of your ideas.
• Reveal cause and effect and relationships among ideas.
• Provide all pertinent statistics.
• Create a simple graph or chart to illustrate essential information.
• Collect data, compare and critique.
• Question, how, why and what.

Existential Awareness
• How does your project/task fit into the “Big Questions” of a person’s life?
• How does your idea contribute to the ultimate quality of life for the community or for future generations?
• How does the project connect to ultimate values and goals of the company?
• How does the company contribute in a meaningful way to the quality of life in the community?

Dr. Branton Shearer is a good friend of QBS, and my appreciated colleague for a long time, and I can promise without any reserves that he will be providing very practical tools professionals of all disciplines and organizations need to consistently identify and elicit the kind of performance that produces desired, and dramatic results.

Knowing very well Branton Shearer, I have no doubt that he will enlighten the audience on how multiple intelligences are the way to link human resources to mission, vision, and values of any company.  We are going to enjoy an educational banquet at that date. 

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