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The Changing Face of the Future Work Published: Sunday, February 1, 2004 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

A few weeks ago, a friend and a very distinguished General Manager asked me if I could write a brief statement of things that will be important to managers in the years to come. I said yes. As a matter of fact, I have been doing a research gathering on this topic. Of course, it all starts with vision as something that we can see well enough to recognize if it appears in reality. It is a dynamic urge, that is, the prime generative strength that powers the individual and the enterprise in the way to the future.

We are fully convinced that the 21st. century presents new challenges and opportunities. Then begin today to adopt a new mindset based on wisdom, knowledge and education as continuous efforts. Today the world is changing to fast for anyone to graduate, and it takes no mercy on the person who is lazy about learning. The education is cheap and the ignorance is expensive. The journey is one of life-long learning as it relates to growth, development and the desire to improve the set skills. Team building, not just individual excellence, is important, and teams will be the building blocks of future organizations, making decisions on every level and giving attention to quality products, services and performances.

The presentation of the self in everyday life is important because you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. Pay attention to image and dress the role. Keep positive alert and cheerful attitudes. Business is about optimism and will power. Stay cool in every context of life, which is normally full of stress. Manage your temper, walk softly and carry the stick…

Credibility and legitimacy (one`s professed motives accepted as true ones, reliability) are a must for supporting products, services, reputations and professional behavior. If you establish a reputation for fairness and quality of performance, even occasional lapses will be forgiven. Such steadfast credibility as the profound capacity to perform is what makes good managers to progress.

Business is about relationships, the art of graceful interactions. Thus visibility is most important. Being at the right places at the right time makes good managers better, especially when it comes to promotions. The nature of these interactions and the profoundness of your statements and self-confidence all contribute. But be visible judiciously without being pushy.

The management of employees under you will make you or break you. Managers are as good as their employees say they are. Hiring, retaining and developing good people will enhance your position and make you look good. Give credit where credit is due. Recognize behavior and reward results. If you are not generous on recognizing and giving credits you will create dangerous adversaries.

Cooperation with others is a sure step toward a promotion. Helping others will always help you. While saying yes is not always feasible, remember that a yes-person goes a lot farther than a no-person. Perseverance to get a job done proves that you have what it takes to be a responsible manager, but most of all, a leader. Remember things get worst just before of improving.

Communication is key to understand yourself and being understood by others. Communicating clearly (speaking, writing and acting) will enhance your undertakings and gets the work done. Procrastination will leave tasks undone. Social skills are fundamental assets of the management trade. Doing the right thing at the right time will establish you presence, reputation and professional foundation.

Finally, develop capacity to read situations, or knowing when and how loudly to blow your own horn. Tactful aggressiveness and opportunism are real skills. I have known conventional managers at a frozen state of passivity. If you know your business, if you have expertise and think you are good, don`t, don`t hide your assets.


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