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Learned Optimism Published: Monday, March 8, 2004 By: Dr. Manuel ┴ngel Morales

There are times when human beings unfortunately cannot be readily relieved of tense, conflictive or stressful problems. This is so, not because people were careless or because they failed to be cautious or prudent, but because adverse reality cannot readily grant that relief.

In these situations, a functional belief system is essential for human beings. During the arduous, long difficult periods of tension, when you are experiencing your 40 years in the wilderness and when your enemies are most likely like to cause you harm, the only way to survive and reach the promised land is by maintaining your inner psychological peace.

People should not worry about variables out of their control. The more tension, conflict and variables you introduce to a complex situation, the more uncertainty and stress you may be incorporating. We have always been kind of skeptical with multi-dimensional solutions. Taking things of life one moment at a time is a good advice for managing tension and problems.

A healthy belief system helps you handle adversity, while at the same time maintaining confidence in your inner power as well as high power. Yes, we have learned with the coming of age that attempting to build same security for the future without transcendental principles, leaves out a vital element for being successful in this kind of enterprise.

In order to make sure that you are still around when good things finally begin to happen, you have to be a survivor at any turning point of life.

For achieving such a formidable state, you must outlast your current or last crisis or challenge. That can only happen if you do not compound the external crisis by creating internal instability. You may be able to fight one front if you have stability in the otherů

People who are frequently engaged into one crisis after another are fighting simultaneously on two fronts: the external and the internal.

Think about the devastation tension and stress can have on the human body and mind, including the toxic effect of high levels of corticosteroids that can impact the neurons or brain cells, causing their death or diminution.

A word of caution: If people do not progress in their self-managing path, they can grow to be stupidů

Consider that you aspire toward a goal that requires dedication, attention, alertness and a good mind. If for any reason you were to become ill, your immune system becomes impaired, and you will have difficulty fighting off an additional crisis imposed by new diseased organisms.

A biology of hope is necessary for human beings that want to advance their constructive resolution to problems or move them closer to their goal.


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