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Work Can Be Fun Published: Sunday, June 6, 2004 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

To a great extent, human beings have the capacity to create reality. Thus, as wisdom shows, affirmation and positive thinking are a must. Reject toxic negativism and the pessimism that help status quo. But this is not a full answer. Affirmation requires discipline or you run the risk of delusion. Affirmation with discipline, system, structure and process creates miracles. We are often asked if we believe in miracles. The answers is a big Yes. But, let us share some of the strategies to employment and happiness.

The first strategy is to learn how to cope with frustration. In order to become all you can become, get all you can get, hear all you can hear, see all you can see is important to learn how to handle frustration. Just recently we witnessed the case of our champion boxer at Winnipeg 99, Miguel Cotto, where he won the a critical fight but due to technicalities was not awarded. But such frustrations have never interfere with the vision of the future of our champion without a medal. Frustration can kill dreams, but this is not the case of powerful Miguel Cotto, who maintains discipline to achieve eventual results.

The second strategy is learning to handle rejection, so that this fear no longer stops you from taking action. The Best Sales People Are Those Who Are Rejected the Most¡. Don`t turn a temporary failure into a big event. Unfortunately, there people looking for jobs that breakdown with the no`s of these typical dynamics. Transform this reality into a learning experience and you will learn how to get what you want and achieve success and increase performance.

The third strategy is about managing financial pressures. The only way not to have financial pressures is not to have any finances. It means knowing how to get and knowing how to give and share, avoiding the pathologies of greed, envy, deceit and paranoia. Remember the result - oriented formula: action, knowledge, consistency, tenacity, flexibility and corrective action.

The fourth strategy is that of overcoming complacency. Be super alert about a common and critical mistake. There are many people that as soon as they achieve a level of performance, results or success they stop the struggle. They start getting confortable, and they lose the eye of the tiger. Confort is one of the most negative emotions a person could have. When a human being is too confortable he / she stops growing, working or creating value - added. It is like Bod Dylan said: "He who is not busy being born is busy dying".

The last strategy is to give as you expect to receive. Work with good purpose, forget about minor things. The secret to living, success, results but especially to business and other kinds relationships is that of giving. If you want to get well employed, if you want to increase your performance you have to think of your behavior as a process, a way of living and a strategy for happiness.


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