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Migdy Morales: A great woman and profesional Published: Sunday, July 10, 2005 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

What makes a woman great? Not just beauty, youth, maturity or intelligence, but really great. What goes on in her heart and mind that enables her to carry out the path of a family, a profession, a business and a social responsibility, and at the same time to inspire her husband, her daughter, her friends and colleagues, because of her loyalty, sacrifice, endurance, tenacity, witness, initiative and resiliency? Mrs. Migdalys Morales Martínez is all that. A very trusted woman, hardworking, passionate in all her things and capable of facing personal, family, professional and business challenges, sharing always her intelligence and behaving in such a way that can be called great.

So, when Migdy Morales, as part of her daily work, focus her effort and grasp new ideas, perspectives and insight by bringing intensity courage, sacrifice, honor and meaning to her work, she thereby improves the ability of our team to achieve spectacular results.

Her daily undertakings clearly demonstrate that when she lives her deepest and most personal commitment to an excellent performance, she brings out what is great in others as well.

I love Migdy because of many things. But there is this particular attribute of her that I admire a lot and it is her courage to face very difficult situations, and do so sometimes in isolation, or better said alone in her own terms. She is a self-starter and to be like that means that she is autonomous and that she gave up many, many years ago the seductiveness of acting with helplessness and dependency that are often fostered by the false security of a conventional relationship and idiosyncrasy. As a person that cherishes intimacy and privacy, she has taught me that isolation is as painful as it is fundamental to the integrity of human beings. For Migdy, intimacy without the courage to stand up for what she believes is empty servitude. Intimacy is a virtue when it is given freely by an autonomous soul, like Migdy. She has the courage to think for herself, and she reasons independently when assaulted with conflicting opinions.

One of the things that make Migdy a great woman is her clear and firm values, of which our family is very proud and which supports all of us in hard time or when we are under stress. She has faith in God, in herself, in her family, in our ideals, in her profession, in our business and in our society. She is capable of expressing such a faith and that is what makes her a truly independent woman that moves around us all. Because she is a numbers woman, I can say that she has the power of generating inner data that exerts in the external data world.

With the constant support of our God, Migdy Morales is a woman who thinks for herself. I enjoyed that attribute since the very first day we met. When she thinks for herself she steadfast in turmoil, in chaos, under stress, in doubt, in anxiety and pain, in change, in ambiguity and uncertainty. So, Migdy Morales has been for many years our fortress under siege, a ship in a storm, with her experienced and calm psychology.

Whenever I think about Migdy Morales, my mind wonders. Then, I bring myself into sweet focus and remember times like yesterday, today and tomorrow and I quickly realize that we hold in safe familiar emotional and feelings patterns in turbulence and in happy moments Migdy Morales is a great mother to Dalismar Morales and in case the reader has not guess it yet, she is my beloved wife.

Migdy, I love you because of your burning fire, and because you ignite the embers of our dreams in order to find success and happiness.


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