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Gratitude for the Ernst Young and Zenit Awards Published: Sunday, July 24, 2005 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

I have always favored the idea of a prize in business awarded to leaders and their organizations that demonstrate with facts and actions how business effectiveness (meaning competitiveness, market share, profits, product and service) results directly from their social involvement and responsibility. A society that is not built on fairness, freedom, mature hearts and minds cannot survive in a healthy manner for long.

So for me and for the QBS team, these awards that we recently received, the Ernst & Young Master Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Chamber of Commerce of P. R. Zenit Business Person of the Year constitute a recognition of our collective business and social conscience. Profitability is an essential ingredient of social responsibility. Social responsibility without profits has failed the test of acceptability. These very prestigious awards signify that genuine social engagement makes business sense, in all circumstances, for every business, for all cultures and for all time as we in QBS have clearly shown to all the publics. The ultimate economic and social responsibility for our team is to deploy out in detail the meaning of dedicating 15% of our productive time to helping others free of charge. Yes I said free of charge! So, I am into a truly helping organization.

We have bad days and good days. But the thing is that I care for both. The older I get the more I comprehend that bad days bring the suffering that comes only from something we love. Yes, I love my work and I refuse to harden my heart, because I love my clients, the continuous learning and the consulting-knowledge action driven life.

When you love your work so much the only way to get out of trouble is to go deeper in. Thus, I like to enter into the tangles of consulting, so I can understand them better and negotiate with more grace, not only to protect my spirit, but also to serve my clients well. I serve God while serving others.

The tangles of consulting have, at least, three core sources. First, the subjects we consult are as large and complex as life and as the reality out there. Our knowledge of them is always moving and is very dynamic. This profession requires a true commitment and devotion to reading, researching and teaching for commanding a content that adds value to the working reality. This can be a very peculiar life-style. Second, the customers we work for are very intense, absorbing and complex. To see them clearly, and see them as a whole, and respond to them wisely in the moment requires very hard work and requires sacrifice. But there is a more profound reason to these exhausting realities and it is that we consult who we are. What we are is what the client gets. Consulting is an expression of our identity.

There is an intellectual dimension to our work and is about the profound way we think about consulting, the form and content of theories and concepts about people and organizational realities. The emotional dimension refers to the way our customers and we feel, and about the way we engage into change and transformation ventures. Feelings can either enlarge or diminish the exchange between customers and consultants. Chemistry and solidarity play an important role. The spiritual dimension points to the way we answer the people’s longing to be connected with God, condition that will animate love, service and work, for answering a kind of calling and for aspiring to leave any kind of constructive legacy.

We are grateful to Ernst & Young and the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico for granting us these two important awards and because they openly acknowledged that our entrepreneurship is not about applying the flavor of the month or fancy technique. Technique is what you use until the wise consultant arrives. Good methods can help find the way into a customer-organizational dilemma, but quality of consulting does not begin until real-life consulting joins with the real life of the customer. The challenge is to combine humbleness with mature wisdom.

But truly we won these awards because God is at our right hand. This means we have the courage to relate everything we encounter to our trust in Him as our adviser and supporter. Choosing to focus on Christ, is to invite him to take the most important position in your life as a Counselor and Defender. And indeed, we can give many testimonies of the rich blessings we have received (including these awards) by acting in this way.

We express our deepest gratitude to our families, friends, colleagues, customers, other participants and all the respective organizations for their constant trust and support at all the times.

God bless you all.


Copyright 2005 QBS, Inc.
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