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A Coin Called Identify Published: Sunday, September 5, 2004 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

When a door closes behind us we should not always regard such an occasion as the result of some strategic error. Let us avoid the temptation of saying that if we had been smarter or stronger; the door would not have shut. Neither to say that if we had redoubled the efforts we would have been able to batter it down. There is no need to justify an explanation for ourselves or for others to account for our own beliefs, behaviors and consequences. There is much learning and guidance in what does not and cannot happen in our lives as there is in what can and does happen in our daily undertakings.

If we resist some door closing, rather than learning from the event and taking guidance from it, we may be ignoring the limitations inherent in our nature. This pattern of behavior dishonors true self no less than ignoring the potentials we receive as birth right gifts.

The lesson I have learned from profound studies, research pieces and just interacting with simple people is that there is as much guidance in a door that closes behind us as there is in a door that opens ahead of us. The opening may reveal our potentials while the closing may reveal our limits. These are two sides of the coin called identity. In the spiritual domain, identity is the coin of the realm, and we can learn much about our identity by examining either side of the coin.

As often happens on the spiritual journey, we arrive to a constructive and healthy paradox: each time a door closes, the rest of the world opens up. If you nourish you faith you will quickly come to realize that God never closes a door without opening another. But you have to search… We have to learn to put the door that has been closed behind us and welcome the largeness of life that now lies open to our souls portraying the rest of reality. Another point is that we have to learn the meaning of way closing.

A word of caution. The anxiety about a door not opening keeps us pounding on closed doors. When this happens we are prevented from seeing the hidden opportunities just in front of us. Often we are standing on the ground of a new life.

If we are to live our lives well, we must learn to embrace the opposites, to live in a creative tension between our limits and our potentials. We must seriously come face to face with our limitations and trust and use our potentials in ways that fulfill the attributes God gave us. So, next time you confront difficulties keep your faith, be alert, work, think and pray hard. If a door has been closed another door can be open.

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