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Sales Make The World Go Round Published: Sunday, September 19, 2004 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

In all dimensions of life, correcting problems is an important venture. Thus, when discussing with anyone areas or opportunities for improvements it is necessary to: begin by praising the individual’s accomplishments; engage in a frank discussion of the problem areas; list the reason why improvement in those areas important; make suggestions on how improvement can be made and offer assistance, mentorship, coaching or support; follow up on progress.

Just as vital to a good educational program is noticing and reinforcing the good things the person does right. Whether they are learned or instinctive, good professional habits and behaviors are one of the key building blocks needed to develop the well-rounded and high performance human being.

All human beings tend to repeat what they have performed successfully in the past. Praise from the manager equates with success in the eyes of the trainees. Here are some examples on how to deploy the deserved recognition venture: 1. “Your knowledge of that product application is very profound. The explanation that you gave made very clear the benefits to the prospect client. She certainly was very interested and you were able to establish a solid relationship with such a potential client.” 2. “You were very cleaver on stopping the demonstration of the product and going directly for the close of the sale the minute that you recognize the buying signal on the part of the client.” 3. “This was a very good day. You accomplished a lot because your schedule was well organized. I am impressed by your work behaviors.” 4. For quite a long time we have been approaching that client and you kept right on digging. I admire your persistence and it always pays-off.

The average amount of time between first uncovering the prospect and obtaining the order is the called the selling cycle. Some products and services are sold on the first call or not at all (the one-call-close). For others the average incubation period before an order is obtained may be any where from a week to several years…

It is important for a selling professional to understand the selling cycle for his/her company’s product-service lines. If sales people don’t learn this important information, they may become discouraged or, at the very least, make inaccurate forecasts. Selling cycles can be identified in the following ways: 1. Prospects have a problem for which your organization’s products-services offer a solution, but they don’s know they have a problem. 2. The sales person finds the prospect and uncovers the problem. 3. The sales person offers the solution (verbal presentations, written proposals, and follow-ups). 4. The prospect checks the budget and makes a decision.

Sales people that complain about their company’s non-competitive pricing are arriving late during the buying cycle. Someone has been there first and uncovered the potential. Their solution fits what they do best.

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