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Remembering the Titan: A Tribute to Hiram Nazario Published: Sunday, October 2, 2005 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

The third chapter of the book of Ecclesiastes is called A Time for Everything, and in it the author expresses with many profound metaphors the importance of allocating time to do those things, which spring from the fountain of human nature. Following this called we want to express our gratitude, respect, and love for a truly superb intellectual, fervent educator and extraordinary human being. We are referring to the great Hiram Nazario.

In life there is time for everything, time to learn and time to unlearn, time to think and time to act; time to be alone and time to be gregarious, time to meet people and time to meet extraordinary people. Setting to know Hiram Nazario was one of such times. The first time we saw him, we heard him and we interacted with him, we knew that a strong bond was forged, a bond established by love. So last week when his family told us about his passing away, our hearts were broken beyond words. We cried deeply. Feelings and memories of happy previous experiences were quickly activated.

We can say without any doubt that Hiram Nazario was one of the most profound intellectuals and thinkers of his time. A very systematic, relentless and ruthless researcher and critical philosopher. He gave the greatest lectures on the foremost thinkers of public administration, administrative philosophy, social bases for organizational behavior, decision-making processes and organization theory, just to mention some of his many areas of expertise and keen formation.

He was free from habit, inclined to resolve paradoxes, to transcend conflicts and always the master of his own life, seeing, observing, studying and reflecting about profound things. He was a master of self-possession, of self-control and self-expression and of being, always ready to help others. He made his life his own by understanding it. He was wise, free and gentle.

As a great teacher he gave us, at least, four fundamental lessons:

  • You are your own best teacher. 
  • Accept responsibility and blame no one, act always with a sense of generous justice. 
  • Learn anything you want to learn. 
  • True understanding comes from researching and from reflecting from experience.

His teachings were always full of compassion; understanding, patience, commitment and above all love toward others. While other educators perform their regular duties of transferring memory, Hiram Nazario always went beyond the conventional expectations of the educational establishment. He shared his experiences from applying knowledge in the real world; you never heard complaints, reserves or regrets. He shared his insight regarding the best theoretical frameworks and blended his emotions, his wishes and his hope, creating various generations of professionals that were fearless to think, to criticize, to contribute and to enhancePuerto Rico’s socio-economic context.

He was a perfect and loyal husband and father. He loved Janet, Silvette, Yanira and Nancy with all his heart. Ariel Nazario, his brother, had an important space in his heart. Hiram was a real friend.

Our tribute goes where credit is really due. Our society needs an injection of hope and stories of passion and commitment. It needs to remember those who gave it all for the growth of others, thus becoming even greater human beings. We are fully convinced that Hiram Nazario is one of those stories, a story of sacrifice, a tale of love, and account of success, a chronicle of selflessness, that will forever be cherished by his students, by his colleagues and by his family.

Therefore there lies the prominence of Hiram Nazario’s legacy, in leaving a profound footprint in the memories, hearts and souls of others; in helping people to open the scope of possibilities, by sharing his ideas and concepts and paradigms’purging ignorance and shallowness; by enabling and unleashing people’s potential well beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking and rationality.

Holy Father, thank you so much for allowing us the blessing of knowing a man of Hiram Nazario’s caliber, for letting us benefit from his perspectives, ideas, knowledge and expertise, for letting us feel his love, his companionship and his solidarity, for letting his family experience the leadership of a strong, loving and truthful husband and father, and for letting him make an impeccable contribution to his society, which he loved, so much. Bless his family always and grants us this request, that we meet him once again in paradise, because we know that he is there with you.

Copyright 2005 QBS, Inc.


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