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The Road to Success is Always Under Construction Published: Sunday, January 29, 2006 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

The playwright George Bernard Shaw said, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man”. This is not to suggest that all entrepreneurs are unreasonable, but even more this does not imply that entrepreneurs are crazy. To the contrary we want to make the researched statement (C. Lloyd Shefsky, Gifford Pinchot, and Olaf Isachsen), that inherent to the entrepreneurial psychology is the ability to listen to a calling for action, to respond to a kind of challenge and execute the necessary to assure results for employees, customers, investors, stakeholders and organization that he/her has created.

The profound psychology of an entrepreneur is a never-ending desire to improve, along with an abiding interest in learning all he/she is capable of in the surrounding world. The key here is staying focused on one or two issues of importance long enough to begin to achieve the desired results. The foundation of this strength and this tenacity comes from being highly focused during critical times. Another important dimension is that they are deeply committed to contribute from their personal, unique and teaming perspective.

An interesting point that has been very much researched is that entrepreneurs are aware that people who have an interest in the status quo, in the business as usual and going back to basics mentality cannot and will not champion their change course and indeed may turn out to be among their greatest resistors. Thus, entrepreneurs have much stamina for thriving on challenges and very difficult tasks during periods of uncertainty. They have the strong conviction that even though they cannot consistently control certain events, they capitalize on those events, and cope with these changes faster, deeper and more comprehensively than highly established competitors. Because they see opportunities where other people are blind, they like to transform perceptions, interpretations and the view of what is known. There is nothing more creative than a healthy entrepreneur, looking always for way to get things done.

Freedom is the lifeblood of entrepreneurs, because this means increased options for action. They cannot be creative, innovative or resourceful while shaping the future if they are constraint by a larger scale formal bureaucracy wanting to brainwash change agents with conventional knowledge and standard operating procedures. Therefore, they are natural, hopeful, risk takers, wishing to sustain the execution momentum, and acknowledging that the road to success is always under construction. At times they may leave the impression of forever arriving, but never quite reaching a goal. They like to live on the edge demonstrating constant movement from one challenge to another.

A core point is that entrepreneurship can be learned and taught, but it is also a kind of mental framework, even a life-style of wanting to be in a constant state of transition in which the journey and the movement are jointly the goal. This kind of profound and interesting psychology points toward people who are hyperactive a never wanting to arrive because then it will be all over, having to slow down the pace and confronting the difficult reality of what to do next. Entrepreneurs are present in all professions. They don’t like retirement and spouses don’t want them staying at home, because they can turn the family environment up side down. This type of behaviors set gets activated when a mixture of circumstances coalesce: people, background expectations, particular circumstances, content and timing. The moment of truth occurs when these factors jointly create an opportunity for transformation.

Finally, the distinguished behavioral scientists have researched and postulated there are 10 Rules for Fearless Entrepreneurs: (1) You are in charge of your destiny. (2) You are a nonconformist. (3) You progress beyond the local, the familiar, the tried and the true. (4) You don’t accept obstacles as limiting creativity but only as temporary setbacks. (5) You identify priorities and avoid time-consuming trifles. (6) The harder you work the more energy you generate. (7) Your devotion and passion allow you to move beyond anything. (8) You arrive at the future first and your primary competition is with yourself. (9) You can sustain intense focus for long periods of time. (10) Failure is not in your vocabulary, experiences are your fuel for future success and you have a strong faith foundation believing in God.


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