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The Culture of the Heart of the Philosopher Subirats Published: Sunday, February 26, 2006 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

Pedro Subirats Camaraza is a great philosopher and an extraordinary friend. The other day we met and he shared some of his late work, that I am summarizing in this article through my christian, very christian lense.

The human being can be transformed in the physical, emocional, mental and spiritual dimensions, which to the present are the known areas of human development. For thousands of years we have learned to understand and care for these dimensions. The next step in human transformation, could be to cultivate the heart, the organ of synthesis and conciliation, not merely the feeling organ as Paschal suggests, but the place for the conciliation of feelings, intelligence and the will. Such conciliation brings human life to full realization. It is known fact that when the heart is opened to the world, we are vulnerable to suffering. Wickedness seduces us to search for selfishness and violence. When these are found (and surely they will be found), they cling to the ego like poisonous ivy; which we should renounce to feed. These destructive forces can be elevated to the compassionate heart in order to be defeated. When mental negativism is controlled, the heart is opened, regardless that the evil of the world can enter in. In fact, evil is invited into the heart, to find not the venom of wrath and pain, but the light of compassion and the regenerative power of forgiveness that flows from the soul when the will is committed to the indestructible force of good.

When the heart is renewed to the point of being inoffensive (incapable of hurting) we become transparent to the world, we perceive truth through intuition known as “heart knowledge”, invading knowledge with light. Illuminated knowledge, i.e. filled with light, heals destructive thoughts and unhealthy emotions. The wisdom of the transformed heart counsels us: Is such action good, just, peaceful and compassionate? When confronting a difficult situation, we humans tend to develop obsessive thoughts, “what if this or that occurs”, imagining the worst future scenarios, resenting the past or fantasizing what could have happened and did not. Instead of doubting, fearing, blaming or focusing on limitations, eve could live “as if” moving forward with a heart burning with trust and compassion. If we respond with love and compassion with the heart focusing on the power of good, the positive result of our actions will inevitably bounce back. The power of the compassionate heart conquers everything. Just meditate on the resurrection power of the cross of Christ Jesus.

When you encounter the power of Supreme good, in the silence of your heart, what starts as a slow flow of light, eventually is transformed into a river of uncontrollable force that unblock whatever is keeping the waters stagnant for so long. All we have to do is to keep the heart facing the light and let the light invade you and bathe you with peace in all your endeavors. As the light comes in, it will transform violence, cruelty and predatory tendencies toward other human beings and towards nature (John 1:1-18, John 14:6) for as the light comes ----- it will give us power, the power to be born of the light.

Then, the culture of the heart will be our great education challenge. The term culture has three meanings derived from its etimology: cult-ur, cult to the Light, like the sun flower, fruitful and attentive; cult to the Truth, like the Sun, constant and serene; cult to Life, like the river, simple, profound and eternal… The Bible describes it wonderfully: “fiax lux” “let there be light”. When Christ the Light is born into you heart, light comes forth into your whole being, the truth sets you free and gives you new life. A new life, a new and renewed vision of God, yourself, others and nature.

To communicate from the heart you don’t need intellectual erudition, you need wisdom, which is the loving way of knowledge. The learned person is learned as a result of sensitivity, not as a result of verbal academic or memory knowledge. To educate is to create cult-ure, to become cultivated in the whole sense of the word: mental culture, physical culture civic and social culture, political culture, aesthetic culture, ethical culture. The learned and cultivated person connects two paths (sensibility and thought), two worlds (the concrete and the abstract); two levels (the material and the spiritual); the authentically educated person integrates the opposites, harmonizes conflict and finds equilibrium, and when necessary stands vertically for the truth.

Unhealed suffering hardens the heart. The compassionate heart, on the other hand, feels the pain of the world, like Christ suffering at the cross for the world and feeling the pain and alienation of the whole world. In the compassionate heart the biological, psychological and spiritual converge, it is the secret laboratory of the human organism for a superior synthesis. Where is the seed of spiritual yearnings planted in order to be fruitful? First you must have inside that which you want to realize outside. With the renewed spiritual vision you foresee whatever needs to be healed, cured, redeemed and restored.

Through the power of which means? Through the power of the love, forgiveness, sacrifice and selflessness of Christ. The heart is much more than a pumping machine. The heart is the organ of the healing power, that heals all suffering and restores the quality of being.

We, who are educators renewed by the power of the Light, are also “bridges of light”, radiating wisdom and goodness, when we become whole in Christ, we are able to integrate mind and heart and enjoy the indestructible force of the compassionate life. Your heart will discover the best of each person, perceive the best of every circumstances and expect the best to happen, for the glory God.  

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