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The Spiritual Congruence and the Healing of the Heart Published: Friday, July 7, 2006 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

The starting point of a change process, though sometimes silent and barely visible, can be described with some psychological precision. It occurs when isolated individuals, who suffer from a situation that needs changing, decide to live and act divided no more. When human beings face the dilemma of choosing between allowing selfhood to die or claiming the identity from which good or real living comes, change starts emerging.

Many of us know from personal experience how it feels to live a modern -post-modern divided life. Internally, we experience a set of imperatives for our lives and externally we respond to quite another. This is the very complex human condition: our internal and external worlds are never in perfect harmony. But it is precisely this human paradox that pushes people to bring their actions into harmony with the internal life. When that happens inside many persons in relation, for example, to a significant social issue, change begins.

We inhabit institutional settings like schools, university institutions, work organizations, professional associations and civic society, because they create opportunities that we value. But the claims those institutions make on us are sometimes in contradiction with the freedom that we are searching for our hearts. This tension can be creative, but up to a point. It becomes controversial when the heart is wholly owned by the organization, when we overly internalize institutional logic and allow it to overwhelm the spontaneity and beauty of our own lives.

When this happens we need help to find a new center for our lives, a center that is different to the institutions and their demands, yet interestingly enough is not in conflict with our responsibilities with these mundane realities. You don’t have to leave the institution physically and you can even stay at your post. I am referring to the condition of coming to spiritual term with God and finding the solid ground for truly standing on your own feet. The ground of God can is the ground of our own being and from it we can better resist the normative deformations that press our daily lives.

When we engage with God we will have a much better political and social impact. But I am not talking about a strategic thing for achieving a political goal. I am stressing a deeply personal decision, made for the sake our own salvation and identity.

To decide to live divided no more, to explore spiritual congruence with our Lord, thus healing our hearts with real love, is never a political strategy for attacking other people’s belief. It is a fundamental need for God to govern and guide us all. When we achieve such a condition, we enjoy real identity and integrity and stop accusing our “enemies’ of lacking the same. 

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