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The New Business Of Business Published: Sunday, December 7, 1997 By: Dr. Manuel Angel Morales

Yes, fundamental change is taking place in our society! As we rush toward the end of this decade, struggling with the new rules of the game of globalization, the challenges of achieving sustainable economic growth, spreading institutional redesigns and democratization, accelerating technological advance, preparing the next generations by confronting inequality and working with our children first policies. We don`t have any other choice but to echoed and contribute to the galvanization of the emerging paradigm mandating a new role for business in our society. So, we are learning and teaching, following a respectable base of research, that the business of business is not strictly business. (See Koestembaum, The Heart of Business, 1987) The business of business is shifting to playing a creative role in nurturing the next decade of evolution, developing a sustainable culture that is taking place in our society. Let me summarize this knowledge...

Among the tasks of sharing responsibility for a positive future one job stands out above all and it is quite complex: learning the meaning of personal responsibility and knowing its rootedness in our free will. In some core sense, it is all up to us. Freedom and responsibility are two faces of a single coin. Civilization, progress, business, let alone survival, stands or falls on fully understanding and courageously working with this philosophical perspective. It all goes back to understanding that the consequences of our decisions or indecisions are like our children: we create them, they are extensions of us, we are responsible for them for we are they and they are us. However, eventually they will have to live their lives! We have learned these profound lessons with ninety-six tears in our eyes. It is the essence of human nature and the unfolding of generations that they are responsible for their own reality. Thus leading, as we have been instructed, is to claim the power of our freedom and our essence as self-starters of a new tomorrow. It has to do with changing the way we think and the way we behave, but also the way we will. The innermost core of humanity is taking charge our will. Happiness and success are directly proportional to how wide spectrum of pure freedom is, between its two constraints of being born free and living in a world of restrictions. For more than two decades we have been researching the proportion that management is the intelligence of transforming constraints into opportunities at the personal, institutional and societal level.

The business of business is not only about making money or ever products or offering services. Business, as commerce can be a vehicle for accomplishing something worthy and noble, that is for making a contribution to society. Thus, the significance of a business job is not that it offers you security but that it demands from you personal growth. Business is a dynamic conceptual framework and a way of strategic thinking. It is a language of effectiveness, helping people and institutions to get things done. In a world governed by economic forces, business is the heart and soul of the market economy for transforming the world we need tomorrow. Money is critical but profits and rewards are not the goals, but rather a key way of keeping score.

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