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Ideas, Values and Emotional Energy Published: Sunday, December 17, 2006 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

Education is about helping human beings to open their minds for encountering the challenges of life, and, as a direct consequence of this kind of profound learning venture, experiencing success of performances, actions and behaviors.  Commitment to the educational and learning process is directly proportional to the intensity by which human beings seriously think, feel and act regarding things of every day life.

Profound education generates effective people in achieving worthy results, in any field, no matter what the obstacles, with unfailing regard for other human beings.  Thus, it very important to educate people so they can value, stress and know the kind of results they want to achieve, and if such results are really worthy.  The name of this human game is called results management, and the working fields for results include several intersecting domains of life:  work, family, self, social responsibility and financial stability.  The purpose should always be to achieve a kind of dynamic and healthy integration among these existential components.  Unless human beings achieve some reasonable levels of success in these areas their behavioral and contribution potential will be limited.

Teaching and education is about challenging and stimulating people into engaging and actualizing their intellectual and emotional potential.  It is like Socrates said that teaching is not only about giving ideas, but helping ideas to be born.  And you educate and teach by personal example, by working together and helping individuals learn how can they release the power of their creativity.  People will behave as their teachers, mentors and leaders do. All education is about generating ideas and developing values.

High expectations motivate people.  One thing is to drain energy away from organizations and another is to infuse them with fuel.  The secret lies in what you expect.

Educators as well as leaders should expect people to be capable at learning.  A great teacher expects students to be great learners, even from bad teachers.  If education is a profound learning adventure, human beings should pursue it for their own sake (learn to learn, learn to do, learn to share, learn to be.)  Learning is also about self-correction, thus it relates to sensitively understanding mistakes, and errors of commission and omission… It is about supporting people in their failures and helping them to quickly overcome such states. Values help people to establish what is right and what is not right.  The time is always right to do what is right.

This is what I have learn of my growing Christian experience.  The great men and women of faith in God think and behave differently, meaning that they use a different Intelligence from that of the ordinary mind.  We believe in the supernatural expression of God.  The challenge is how to translate the faith in God into task-specific, visible and dramatic behaviors.

For our research team the principal instruments of organizational policies and strategies of change and transformation are profound teaching and education.  Institutions of all kinds are to be measured by the learning initiatives their executives take to promote meaningful educational experiences.  After all, it is about coupling ideas with values and deploy then with huge emotional and spiritual energy.  When this is done, human beings achieve a kind of individual learning, teaching and innovating perspective.

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