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Thoughts and Emotions, Words and Behaviors Published: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 By: Dr. Manuel Ńngel Morales

We all, as human beings, need to reflect upon several positions, opinions and perspectives, and reexamine our beliefs about them.  A person should keep very few things as secret and be aware that the vast majority of secrets are not positive.  For example, childhood traumas can mark the soul that bitterness and hatred be present for decades, erupting many years later in the form of inability to function in the routines of life, depression, or some other negative behaviors.  Living with an horrendous itinerary only seem to work for certain amount of time, before the weight of the emotional baggage overload even the strongest of souls.

As research points to, people have to be alert about distortional thinking about love and hate.  Many people think that they are opposites.  But we should profoundly reflect on the condition where people with extreme hate have no capacity to show genuine love toward anyone, including themselves.  Intense hate is usually the consequence of perceived rejection.  Its true opposite is real acceptance, which is the same as love.  True love is unconditional acceptance.  True love places no conditions.  When a person begins to see that his/her hatred is rooted in rejection, the condition gets favorable to his/her progress to forgiveness and to a release of the toxic emotions he/her has been feeling.  So when you deeply love the other you donít pressure too hard.  IF YOU PRESS TO HARD, YOU WILL GET THE OPPOSITE, says, my good friend, doctor Carlos Blanco, the president of Doctorís Hospital. 

Pressure may not always make for the best execution.  A certain amount of pressure seems necessary to motivate some people to work, focus their energy, and prioritize their time.  Rarely, however, do humans do their best, almost perfect creative work or their best problem-solving and decision-making in an environment of constant high stress.  High stress actually decreases a personís ability to cope with difficult circumstances.  

A good exercise for reflection and reexamination is to write a journal about all the ways in which your thinking may have become self-sabotaging, identifying statements for himself/herself after monitoring the ways he/she refers to himself/herself and talks about himself/herself.

The advice of the experts is to listen to yourself.  Anytime you hear yourself drawing a conclusion about the way you are, write it down.  You may go to the Bible and write besides each of your statements a passage of the Scriptures that addresses your perception.  Wait and see what to do learn. 

Every human being has some degree of distortional thinking.  The key of having a renewed mind, and to develop a mind that truly thinks a little bit more like Jesus Christ is to confront distortional thinking continually with the truth of God.  Thus, we should all seek to develop the ability to identify altered thinking, recognizing what kind of distortion is taking place, and then change the thoughts by replacing them with healthy, godly truth.

So the words of alert are that, watch your thoughts and emotions because they will become your words and behaviors.  Understand your actions for they become habits.  Study your habits for they will impact your character, and if you develop your character you are helping to construct your future. 

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