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Serving People is an Obligation and a Privilege Published: Sunday, September 23, 2007 By: Dr. Manuel Ángel Morales

In an age characterized by an exponential amount of products and services and declining consumer satisfaction, customer loyalty is a fundamental condition to the financial success of all kind of organizations.  These days, it is an imperative to use team strategies to develop a real culture of customer responsiveness, in which customer relations (sustainable pleasant experiences) are nurtured, where problems are solved expeditiously, and customer needs, desires and experiences are integrated into the corporate strategy.

It was Tolstoy who once said that we do not love people so much for the good they have done to us as for the good we have done to them.  For the last thirty years we have been sharing and presenting to the Puerto Rican society that serving people is an obligation of a humane society.  In a world that delivers quality service, parents put their trust of their children’s development and welfare to teachers and administrators, patients in hospitals confidently rely on physicians and nurses to help them to recover and consumers are assured that manufacturers develop effective, safe products.  People who serve well enhance the quality of life of society.

As professionals our own sense of satisfaction and success depends upon the quality of service we give to others.  Serving others is a calling to be sensitive people who extend ourselves; it demands that we be compassionate, skillful, convinced of the value or our work, and willing to, constantly, relate to others in order to make a difference in the way they experience an organizational reality.

For an organization, serving customers is a moment of truth, an opportunity to demonstrate its credibility and capability.  Delivering value to customers and assuring they have a memorable experience while interacting with the organization earns the organization respect and ensures that customers will return.  It also binds employees in a meaningful common mission; it is the essence of a shared vision and the ultimate bottom line.

To assure that the customer has a memorable experience with the organization teamwork is an imperative.  Team organizations appreciate the value of cooperative teamwork and put it to work to delight the customers.  In this type of working environment people are excited about the company’s vision and want to serve its customers.  They are in ongoing dialogues about how to get their jobs done and make continuous improvements.  They recognize that the customer pays their salary, they feel free to speak their minds, and they respect and appreciate each other as persons and as contributors; BUT THEY CHALLENGE DIRECTLY EACH OTHER’S IDEAS AND POSITIONS IN TERMS OF WHAT IS BEST FOR THE CUSTOMER. 

Creating a cooperative team relationship throughout the organization and with customer is central to becoming or to maintain the culture that delights its customers and deserves their business.  The essence of this intimacy is feeling on the same side, believing goals go together, sensing in it together and all this can immediately be recognized.  The feeling is well known when relationships are good for the people, for the company, for the customers, and for the society as whole.

Finally, some researched points that we have shared for quite a long time now are that: 1) Serving customers is a credible direction that people can commit for a lasting time. 2) Serving customers requires knowing who the organizations and who the customers are (knowing what they value). 3) Serving customers provide stability and innovation (adapting to serve better). 4) Managers cannot impose the ability and desire to delight customers on the rest of the organization.  People engagement is a vocation. 5) It is only through teamwork that an organization can best serve customers.

After all, to improve the golden moment of opportunity and catch the good that is within our reach is the great art of business life.

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