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Ramón Rivera, President and Coco Morales, Retired Published: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 8:00 am By: Dr. Manuel A. Morales

Retirement is the time when we most often find the opportunity to reconcile organization's goals and the leader's goals.  The negotiation over the appropriate length of a leader's tenure is a complex event.  There are three types of opportunities that underlie this complex situation in timing a leader's succession: 1.) Those within the individual over leaving pursue of potential business versus moving while a winner, 2.) Those between rising leaders and incumbents, and, 3) Those between the leader and the rest of the organization.

At QBS, we have worked internally with grace and virtue regarding this process, because my retirement from top leadership does not mean that I give up a livelihood, and identity or a sense of purpose for the future to come.  The visions that I shared with my friends, colleagues and customers are personal, institutional and social dreams.  And these dreams, once shared, they became institutional and public possession that, in our case, they will be improved, nourished, expanded and strengthened in the way to the future.  I retire from a two shift - 7 days - 392 hours per month to a more tranquil work schedule, supporting always QBS and leaving the legacy of a dream team, that collectively is stronger than me...

The meaning of retirement is actually the psychology of the various meaning of work.  At this point, I want to balance the work that I will still be doing with the needs of my family and the community life, thus the retirement process has been fun.  I am clear that intensive work provides many people with a sense of purpose and self-esteem, a group membership; and a personal identity.  But I truly see retirement (by the way, a creation of the twentieth century) as a created organizational condition to provide opportunity to the younger generation to show what they got, which in the QBS case they have a lot to contribute and to show.  The remaining team, under the healthy leadership of Ramón Rivera, Ulises Pabón, Rafael Ríos, Dolores Del Castillo, and Héctor López, among others will take our beloved organization to the next level.  They have wisdom, good and brave hearts, and the stamina and tenacity to contribute at the olympic games of global and local business.

In my own studies, I have found that top leaders are far less likely to plan for retirement than their top level subordinates.  They enjoyed their work and avoid any acknowledgment of an upcoming end to their period.  Once retired they are less likely than other people to enjoy other kind of work, and engage in recreation and relaxation ventures. 

At QBS, and with the help of God, colleagues, friends and a key institution, we have been able to complete a model leadership succession process.  The mathematician genius, Ramón Rivera, is the new President and I am retired, and still supporting my beloved company.  The great Ulises Pabón is the Chairman, and Rafael Ríos is the new Executive Vice-president.  The teacher of teachers, Dolores Del Castillo is our Vice-president of all the Psychological Services and Professor Héctor López is our Chief Research and Reengineering Officer.

As to my beautiful and beloved wife and me we seize this opportunity to make a new future, and to worship profoundly our dearest God.  As champions we have to make this choice.  Amen. 

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