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A Trilogy of Urgent Solutions Published: Sunday, July 19, 2009 8:00 am By: Ramón L. Rivera, Presiden & CEO

For the past two years, our research and development institutes have been very active developing what we have called the Trilogy of Urgent Solutions to help organizations overcome the present crisis. We have developed a set of integrated solutions, each with specific methodologies and models for implementation.  The components of this triangle of actions are:  Embracing Strategy innovation, Recreating the Operational System and Upgrading the Organizational design. 

The first, Strategy Innovation, focuses on creatively reorienting the strategy and the business model to respond to the new realities of the markets and to capitalize on the new opportunities that are emerging. This dimension includes new methodologies of planning and executing strategy. It puts emphasis on understanding and adopting innovation as superior way to discover hidden opportunities and to elaborate new, non-conventional courses of action.  The goal is to insert the business in an appropriate profitable zone along the value chain.

The second component, Recreating the Operational System, is about transforming the core streams of value creation, departing from the perspectives of the customers. Every organization needs to be clear about its core sets of offerings and the corresponding processes that deliver such outcomes to customers. This second dimension of the solutions pack is about how to incorporate the "voice of the customer" in everything people do and exploiting vanguard methodologies for achieving lean designs, process optimization, cost competitiveness and capacity to help customers succeed in this turbulent times.

Execution efficiency and efficacy are in the center of this dimension. The idea is to reconstruct the operational capacities along with the cost structure to assure impeccable quality in the products and services provided, agile and rapid transactions, along with profitability and financial viability of the business. 

The third component (Upgrading the organizational design), consists of incorporating a new theory of work, that is used as a platform to redefine the organizational culture and a new design for authority and responsibility (structure).  It is about new approaches for activating   the creative energy of people, for addressing the challenges of Quality, applying th latest tools and approaches to prevent human error, and for unleashing the pride and passion for change and continuous improvement.  All these are essential elements in the third component. 

The Trilogy of Solutions works as an integrated system of initiatives for true Change. It targets two urgent objectives of any business these days: One is to assure financial viability and competitiveness in what is core to the business in the short term. The other is to pave the way for enabling a powerful comeback once the situation in the market and the economy improves.

Our primary attention is being on developing those solutions that help organizations get prepared for the immediate challenges as well as for the future, by mean of intelligent contingent strategies. Applying the trilogy of solutions requires a multidisciplinary approach and the formulation of state of the art change models, tailored to each specific organization.

We have been applying this formula in different organizations and obtaining dramatic and visible results. The focus has been on how to successfully get through the present circumstances and on how to prepare the organization to capitalize on new opportunities, once the crisis is over.

And evident results have begun to show up.

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