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The Twenty Years of QBS Published: Monday, January 25, 2010 1:00 am By: Ramón L. Rivera, President & CEO

For the last twenty (20) years a team of organizational researches and practitioners has been working tenaciously to develop an instrument that could truly help organizations transition through major and delicate processes of change. Quality for Business Success, Inc. (QBS) was borne here in Puerto Rico as the first knowledge company established with the mission of transforming organizations of all sorts. I have been fortunate of having been at the right moment in history to meet and join a small group of visionaries and risk takers that were willing to interrupt careers to bet on the promise of creating something unique.

Since its origins QBS was initiated and developed in time with the ingredients required to last. Our dream always was to create a multidisciplinary faculty that could blend, as pieces of art, an academic and research orientation with concrete applications and capabilities as practitioners to help clients use new knowledge for solving complex organizational problems. As the business landscape grows ever more uncertain and therefore, the task of leading successful organizations turns highly complex, organizations are more in need of expert assistance that can help shaping a wide repertoire of responses to environmental and market needs and demands.

According to the organizational sciences, organizations are artificial systems created by humans to address complex tasks, which are not necessarily condemned to growing, aging and dying. Organizations can be renewed and strengthened continuously as to remain young, fast and flexible. In doing so, executive leaders must create the conditions necessary to fundamentally orient and affect people's behavior so that it supports the strategic changes required to cope with a dynamic and challenging environment. This requires external new knowledge and stimuli to constantly challenge the status quo and fuel the energy for change.

Thanks to hundreds of customers, organizational leaders in Puerto Rico and abroad that have given us the opportunity of putting into practice our theories, models and designs, we became an inner part of their respective journeys of change. Real organizations have become our laboratories for experimenting with non-conventional ways of developing competitive companies.  This year we celebrate our constancy in purpose and values combined with our enormous capacity to research and innovate our offerings.

That is the formula that has allowed us to become the number one transformation company in our country and at the same time to be able of exporting our services to fifteen (15) other countries around the world. It has taken creative thinking, hard work and a special type of people with the maturity for engaging in a two-shift career to create successful customers, not as a job, but as a vocation. The productive work performed with mastery in a systematic and profound way has significantly impacted more than seven hundred organizations.

Among other historical contributions, QBS pioneered in Puerto Rico the education and application in management technologies like Quality Improvement Processes, ISO 9000, Systems Thinking, World Competitiveness Research, Holistic Change, Creative Organizational Design, Reengineering, Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, Kaizen, Self Directed Teams, Pay for Knowledge Systems, Coached Leadership Development, Work Culture Transformation, Voice of the Customer Systems, Organizational Reinvention, Strategic Diligence and Execution as Strategy.  

As we celebrate our twentieth anniversary in 2010 we renew our commitment to fulfill the responsibility of being a meaningful source of new insights and value adding support to our entrepreneurs and organizations.  We initiate this new life cycle at a peak of our performance and full of enthusiasm. The way to the future is paved with the flavor of growth within the context of changes that can assure we continue to be a competitive player in our field. More than ever our passion will continue to be with the success of our customers and the competitiveness of our country.

Copyright 2010 QBS, Inc.
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