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Iván Sánchez

Iván Sánchez
Lean Six Sigma Institute


For more than ten years, Iván Sánchez has been a consultant and investigator for Quality for Business Success (QBS) and in the present, he is the director of the Operational Excellence Institute.  He has a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineer and  masters also in industrial engineer with concentration in Management systems from Universidad de Puerto Rico, Mayaguez campus.
He has multiple successful experiences in the design and implementation of improvement programs for pharmaceutical, insurance, food and electronic companies as well with governmental agencies.
He is considered an expert in the redesigning of process, quality control, defect prevention, operation management and production.  He has worked intensely in the implementation of improvement programs Lean and 6 Sigma.
He is a Master Black Belt certificate holder and has outstandingly applied Lean-6 Sigma techniques in an organizational context and also in a wide arrange of industries (manufacture and services).


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