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Rafael Ríos

Rafael Ríos
Executive Vice President, QBS, LLC

Rafael Rios is a researcher, consultant and Executive Vice President of QBS. He earned a Bachelor degree from Louisiana State University, Magna Cum Laude, a Masters in Business Administration and post-graduate studies in Industrial Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico.

He is considered one of the leading experts in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in the area of Strategic Management of Human Resources. Is in having the exclusive design of systems pay for knowledge and skills are in Puerto Rico. He has designed numerous systems and Variable Pay Incentives for teams in Fortune 100 companies. Architect of Advanced Systems for Quality and Productivity and Organizational and key player in corporate strategies that are made in Puerto Rico for Organizational Transformation.

Leading figure in the design of Effective Management Teams, Corporate Systems of core competencies, innovative programs and nontraditional Evaluation enforceable. Professional Certificate in Compensation for the American Compensation Association.

With its excellent work with different companies has received wide recognition in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


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